Spartan Xtreme Low pH Presoak - 5 Gal.

Spartan Xtreme Low pH Presoak - 5 Gal.


  • Can be used as a primary presoak, or as part of a 2-part presoak process to neutralize Xtreme High pH Presoak in preparation for conditioners and polishes.
  • Highly concentrated formula delivers low cost per car
  • Color: Pink
  • pH: <1.0
5 Gal., ea
Alternate #2657-5

Effective on mineral and scale deposits, brake dust, and other inorganic soils, Low pH Presoak can be applied through an arch or manually using a spray wand. Recommended for use in conveyor or in-bay automatic wash systems; great for friction or touch-free. APE/NPE free. Hydrofluoric acid free.

/ 5
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