Spartan Clean on the Go® PDS™ Portable Dispenser System

Spartan Clean on the Go® PDS™ Portable Dispenser System

Item # SP9258

  • A portable, reusable, accurate dispenser for use with Spartan's Clean on the Go[R] and Green Solutions[R] 2 liter concentrates.
  • Quickly fill bottles and buckets at 2 gallons per minute
  • Just attach to a standard garden hose
  • One piece, single flow, 2-gpm
Alternate #9258

Use to clean portable toilets, gas pump islands, locker rooms, sanitize in meat rooms and more.

  • Each 2-liter cartridge provides a minimum of 33 gallons of ready to use product.
  • No chemical contact.
  • The 2-liters' custom fit mating cap and cartridge insert help prevent spills and minimize the possibility of contact with chemicals.
  • Predetermined high dilution insures accurately measured, fresh product, eliminating guesswork, employee confusion and waste.
  • Color and number coded product and labeling assists training of personnel and diminishes potential for product liability claims.
  • Concentrate label copy and ready-to-use labels are available in English, Spanish and French.
  • Recommended accessory: Clean on the Go[R] 6 foot water inlet hose #9167.
  • Standard package contains: metering tip kit: Aqua metering tip (2 oz./gal.), light purple tip (1/2 oz./gal.), light blue tip (6 oz./gal.), tri-lingual instruction sheet.
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